Transferring States with CDL

 We lived in Washington State prior to moving to Nevada and had an Enhanced Drivers License. In acquiring an Enhanced I had to show proof of all previous names I’ve had. We also had a Hazmat endorsement and we’re background checked. 

We moved to Nevada and decided to get the Real ID and had to bring in proof of name change which I did. Was told the Real ID would make it official and I wouldn’t need to prove citizenship or anything again. I did have to retake the Hazmat test to get Hazmat endorsement on my Commercial Drivers License.

Moved again from Nevada to Washington State. I have to bring documentation again to prove citizenship and identity to get an Enhanced Driver’s License. I have to get fingerprinted again by TSA before I can take the HAZMAT test to get an endorsement on my drivers license changing states. 

Do Undocumented or Illegal immigrants in sanctuary cities have to do as much documentation as we are? I’ve lived here all my life and they still need me to prove citizenship and identity. I thought the Real ID act was supposed to replace it. 


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