Off The Truck

Been off the truck for awhile. We came back in for home time to celebrate our sons birthday. While down we decided to put the truck in the shop to be looked at. The shop computer said our truck was fine but a road test made a burnt clutch smell so we were down for a month. We decided since my Medical Exam was needed I would get that done so we could stay on the road once the truck was complete. We are required to have a Medical Exam to keep our commercial drivers license. The doctor said I needed a sleep test for sleep apnea and I would only get a 3 months certificate to drive. I was pulled off the truck for longer. Got the sleep test and I had a mild case of sleep apnea. Andrew decided to get a sleep study as well and he had a moderate test. 

Waiting for C-Pap machine before we could go back over the road we received a phone call from the Medical Examiner Andrews mom died and we had to identify her body. We decided to leave before receiving the C-Pap to get to her. There was a police investigation to figure out what happened. Looks as if depression brought her to extreme religious belief and that is what brought her death. We are still not on the road handing the estate, fixing the homestead and we will be moving to Washington State from Nevada. During this time we have been working on our health. Losing allot of weight and gaining muscle. 

Follow us on Social Media for Updates to our Blogs. We have a blog about our Trucking Life, Homestead Life and our Gym and Body goals. @mmobtrucking. We are off of TikTok tired of politics and whining. We spend too much time there we could have placed somewhere else. If TikTok is useful in the future minus the politics we will consider it but for now it is time to put our focus on Real Life which is Our Life. 


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