Our Life

 We started out as company drivers but found ourselves frustrated. We felt it was time to grow to the next level. The next level would include risk. Fortunately everything in life is risk. We met a recruiter, Aaron, at Forward Air who linked us up with Expediters Services for a New Truck. Please do mention us if you inquire with them. We do get a bonus. We got on a program where we rent Expediter's truck for up to 3 months to prove we could handle a truck payment and make money without buyer remorse. Expediters was always so helpful and transparent with us. Once completing the program we became eligible to purchase a truck. 

We needed to set up a business. We started working with Equinox Tax who became Trucker CFO when we started with Forward Air and Expediters. Once ready to create our owner operator business Trucker CFO helped us put together our LLC. Yes, there are debates whether leased on is an actual Owner Operator compared to Independent and most often its the independents complaining. We don't get involved with the debate. Instead we are OOIDA members. We let OOIDA speak for us and we just work on our business. 

We both are Terminal to Terminal team drivers leased on to Forward Air for 2 years. Our business name is MMOB Trucking LLC. Our truck when loaded moves 22 hours a day. Within the 24 hours of daily trucking life we hope to share our life with you. We live in our truck for 2-3 months straight with home-time lasting usually for a few days to 1 week. December 2022 we have been home for a month into the next year for business and personal reasons. Our truck needed warranty work on the transmission and we found ourselves healing out personal life in the process by quitting nicotine, alcohol and getting our health and legal caught up. 

Into the new year we are starting hormone therapy and beginning to get more active in body building. Will talk more later about this. Below are some tools we have added to our truck and daily life. 

Clare has been so helpful for us. We met her and her husband on Tiktok and Instagram. She helped us get into hormone therapy. We let our health go a little more than we should have. Now we are changing things thank to her and her husbands help. We will blog our changes. 

Decided a Journal and Daily Planner would be a good addition to 2023. Get more planned and organized while taking an intentional look at things in our life. 

We have to be careful of added weight in the truck. By getting resistance bands we can still lift anywhere. Check out Clare's YouTube for Resistance Bands Exercises that mimic machines in the gym. 

Got this poster for the truck so there are no excuses for us to not lift weights. 


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