Paint It How You Want

We are going through our home building a Goodwill donation pile. Anything with bad memories, bad experiences, negative interaction or a door we would like to close in 2023 is getting donated. We have decided no time in 2023 will be given to psychopathic, sociopathic or time wasters. There is too much stupid in hindsight we feel we have tolerated and accepted. It is no longer acceptable. Some will be mad or judgmental. I can assure you they never were concerned before we came to this point. People who do not care about building and investing and are only takers will never understand. They are too busy seeking to be understood. 

Today our waffle iron of years quit. Time for a new waffle iron. Staying at hotels where breakfast buffets are served we got experience different things. At one stay we got to use a Belgian Waffle Iron that was so unique. Loved the Waffles. Today decided it was time to add this waffle iron to our home. These waffles were a good addition for blessed memories.

Life is about building. Value is like a canvas. For some it's blank. For others its build with crap. Only few see the finer things sometimes invisible to most. You would have to know to understand. 


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