Paint It How You Want

We are going through our home building a Goodwill donation pile. Anything with bad memories, bad experiences, negative interaction or a door we would like to close in 2023 is getting donated. We have decided no time in 2023 will be given to psychopathic, sociopathic or time wasters. There is too much stupid in hindsight we feel we have tolerated and accepted. It is no longer acceptable. Some will be mad or judgmental. I can assure you they never were concerned before we came to this point. People who do not care about building and investing and are only takers will never understand. They are too busy seeking to be understood.  If I say to my sons in a store to consider their cussing I could care less about your family & I’m not correcting my sons. I don’t want to deal with a Karen. Don’t thank me. F off. I’m so tired of BS. — π’œπ“ƒπ’Ήπ“‡π‘’π“Œ 𝒢𝓃𝒹 π’žπ’½π‘’π“‡π“Žπ“ (@MMOBTRUCKING) December 29, 2022 No I’m not a people person. I could care less if you like me. I would prefer to mind my

Our Life

  We started out as company drivers but found ourselves frustrated. We felt it was time to grow to the next level. The next level would include risk. Fortunately everything in life is risk. We met a recruiter, Aaron, at Forward Air who linked us up with Expediters Services for a New Truck. Please do mention us if you inquire with them. We do get a bonus . We got on a program where we rent Expediter's truck for up to 3 months to prove we could handle a truck payment and make money without buyer remorse. Expediters was always so helpful and transparent with us. Once completing the program we became eligible to purchase a truck.  We needed to set up a business. We started working with Equinox Tax who became Trucker CFO when we started with Forward Air and Expediters. Once ready to create our owner operator business Trucker CFO helped us put together our LLC. Yes, there are debates whether leased on is an actual Owner Operator compared to Independent and most often its the independe